Promoter’s Toolbox

Our program of Buster Keaton scores offers ample opportunities for reaching diverse audiences. There are many intersecting points of interest and cross-disciplinary ties-ins.

Buster Keaton, as an historical figure, bridges the gap between vaudeville and early cinema. The physical athleticism of his humor points forwards and backwards in time. The 1920’s urban landscapes of his films where horses and cars pass each other in the street, where an electric home seems sci-fi, and where trains appear as a romantic yet unrelenting force of modernization give a vivid picture of the ‘roaring 20’s’. The program appeals to cinema history buffs, students of American history and culture, urban studies, theater departments, and people into dangerous stunts.

Cooney’s original scores tap directly into this roaring 20’s American landscape. Blues and ragtime combine seamlessly with jazz and Klezmer. There is ample use of older jazz piano styles like stride-piano and boogie-woogie. The score appeals to music history buffs, composers, jazz students, Klezmer fans, improvisers, etc.

We hope that this brief description gives you an idea of the many different possibilities for cross-promoting this program at your university, theater, performing arts center or community space. Unlike many music programs that appeal to one audience demographic, the New River Buster Keaton program appeals to many over-lapping audiences demographics.

The New River Ensemble works with venues to work out the best promotional strategy for each venue. Particularly useful means of promoting the show might be:

Contacting heads of local American history, Music, Urban studies, and Theater departments and promoting the show through their internal email lists.

Press Releases to local print media and radio (NRE will create and send out press releases though media always pays more attention when press releases come from venues!)

Fliers (NRE has a standard design and copy for fliers which we will provide)

Social media

Local cinema and music blogs.

If the venue has an ongoing film series, showing our Buster Keaton trailer before other films in the two months leading up to the program.