Buster Keaton Film Scores

The New River Ensemble presents a program of four original scores to four classic silent-film shorts by legendary silent-film comedian Buster Keaton. Stumbling, falling and running from cops, ghosts and electric houses Buster Keaton delivers up breath-taking stunts and antics. The NRE follow him through 1920’s landscapes with a soundscape of American roots music combining blues, jazz, ragtime, old-time, Klezmer, and even a little classical music!

Total program length can vary from 20 minutes to 80 minutes as needed.

The NRE also offers several workshops in conjunction with their performance.

This program is offered in conjunction with Not-So-Silent-Cinema, a project led by Brendan Cooney. Not-So-Silent-Cinema tours new original scores for several classic silent films, each featuring a different combination of musicians. For more info and tour dates see notsosilentcinema.com.